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Sunday 30th April 17:45
Amy Annette
What Women Want: Return (of the) to Mach

Hear Amy Annette (I Call Myself A Feminist) in conversation with great guys Evelyn Mok ("The Swedish Amy Schumer" Comedy Central) and Stuart Goldsmith ("The British answer to Maron" Independent) in What Women Want: Return (of the) to Mach.  

What Women Want asks comedians to share their personal response to this age-old question- discussed over the eons by philosophers, rom-com scriptwriters and many a helpful internet meme- before being interviewed by Amy. They’ll be talking misconceptions, misadventures, misogyny, and mystique (the feminine one).

Then, like all good comedy shows, Amy and her guests open to questions from the audience.  

Questions like... What DO women want?  

and answers like: Two tickets to this great sounding show, please. It was sold out last year, I heard, and this guy wants in for 2017! 

or answers like: Gender Equality, an intersectional understanding of the world's problems, and two tickets to this great sounding show please. 



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