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Sunday 30th April 12:30
Colin Hoult / Anna Mann
Work in Progress - a Sketch Show for Pacifists

She returns, that lady of the stage 
Embattled, ready, full of rage 
Angered by the warlike fools 
Who shake their flabby bloated tools 
Hitler's heirs beware her wrath
Prepare your dreary epitaph 
As the rest of you sit back and laugh
And something else about a giraffe 
The point is I couldn't write this blurb
As of show I've so far written not a word
I really don't have any specifics 
Except it will be a show for Pacifists 
For who else can stop he whose name means farts
But an actress with 35+ years in the arts 
Into the tyrants works who will throw a spanner? 
Who else? The fearless Mann, Anna. 




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