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Sunday 30th April 21:15
Elf Lyons
Work in Progress

Elf Lyons is doing a one woman production of swan lake. In an hour. In french. Probably. Elf hasn't made up her mind yet. Elf originally asked her siblings to be in it so they could bond but they said they were "too busy" because they are "Doctors" and have "proper jobs". So Elf has found two fire extinguishers to replace them. 

A new show from one of British Vogue's Top Twenty Names of Now. 

‘A gleefully messy hour’ The List 

‘Enthusiastically peculiar [...] endearingly eccentric [...] her strangeness, her vulnerabilities and her sass make a pretty engaging package. [...] showing sexy, nerdy and funny aren’t mutually incompatible.’ Steve Bennett, Chortle



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