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The School Room
Saturday 29th April 21:15
Matthew Crosby
Let's Be Friends Again

How would you like to become friends with a real life comedian? Matthew returns to Mach to offer you- the Machfest audience- that opportunity.

Matthew is a member of sketch heroes Pappy's, he wrote and starred in BBC 3's Badults, he's been on 8 out of 10 Cats (both Countdown and the normal one) and recently supported Josh Widdicombe on tour; so obviously you'd want to be friends with him, right?

Few fun facts to sweeten the deal: Matthew, 36, was told off by security at last year's festival for taking his shirt off in the marquee when DJ Henry Widdicombe played Super Furry Animals. About ten minutes later he was told not to stand on the picnic benches inside that very same marquee by that very same security guy when DJ Tom Parry played Mr Brightside. So he's clearly a lot of fun.

Legal warning: Friendship with Mr Crosby is not legally binding and can be terminated without notice.




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