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Thursday 14th March 2013
News from the Monster Comedy Shed...


Well whoop-de-do, world. What exciting news. Monster Comedy, the team that runs ‘the best monthly night in London’ (Time Out) are taking their funnies on the road once more. We are absolutely delighted to be bringing the Comedy Shed back to Mach, as last year was so much fun. This time we are armed with sillier plans than ever before.

Since its birth last year the world’s smallest comedy club (probably) has quickly become a hit with punters and comedians alike, and we’ve had the likes of Phil Jupitus, Simon Munnery & Tim Key through our (flimsy) doors, and many many more besides.

This year we’ll be plonked in the middle of Machynlleth and running from noon on Saturday.  There’s only room for four people at a time though, so be warned. Audience participation pretty much mandatory. 20 minute spots will run throughout the weekend on a first come, first serve walk-up basis. Be sure to pop by and hang about – you may just find yourself as one quarter of an audience to one of the most famous comedy acts in the world. Especially late at night when things will get a little more experimental and we unleash splendid idiot Ben Target on the world. It’s going to be a) a bit like a famous Disney film and b) utterly mental.

Do not miss the opportunity to see some mighty fine comedians perform in the only venue ever to be reviewed by Shed Enthusiast magazine (‘Watertight, good Spade storage. Three stars, some funny bits’).

Check out @monster_comedy throughout the weekend for sneak-peaks, secret gigs details and embarrassing pictures of famous comedians. 

Monster Comedy is a registered not-for-profit community interest company, created for the use of people who want  to act for community benefit, and not purely for private advantage. Don’t want to blow our own trumpet or anything, but we give all our profits away to charity.

Oh. Forgot to mention. Shed is completely and utterly free of charge. 

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