Yesss! It's the music line-up. We genuinely love picking our favourite bands to play in the Big Top on the lawns of Y Plas each year. And guess what, it's all still completely free.

In 2017 we welcome back old friends, many with new albums on the way. From our own fair shores Sweet Baboo, Tender Prey and Y Niwl all return to the tent after periods of absence. MachFest mainstays The Spook School are back for the third year running (we've decided to make them an institution because we love them so). Same goes for Gavin Osborn. When he told us he didn't have a show to do this year, we told him to play the music tent instead. He happily agreed. And finally (for now) making their MachFest debuts, which we're rather excited about, are Powys' very own Farm Hand and West London's Colour Me Wednesday!

We are pleased about this.