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Saturday 29th April 21:15
Owen Niblock

Hello. I missed performing at the festival last year but I was here, lurking in the shadows.  

I took a year out to find myself. I didn't go to India or Stoke on Trent; I sat in my room and wrote in a book. It turns out I'm quieter and grumpier than I thought. It turns out I'm not a real man. It turns out I'm difficult to get to know. So I'm writing a personal show about where I'm at right now. It contains some flute and some beatboxing (in moderation). 

It's not just this show that's a work in progress but my whole life... 




‘Words taken out of context; says Owen is very funny’ Someone Famous 

‘Words... with the bad bits cut out’ A Newspaper 

‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet’ Cicero

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