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Saturday 29th April 12:30
Steffan Alun
Time Capsule

In 1995, a 10-year old Steffan Alun buried a time capsule. In his solo debut, 32-year old Steffan tells the hilarious story behind the contents of that time capsule:

  • Opal Fruits;
  • A lost tooth;
  • An Eisteddfod trophy
  • A toy Smurf;
  • A letter written to his future self.

This show was developed in preview at the Edinburgh Festival 2016, and audience members were invited to review the show themselves: 

‘I came in because I had some time to kill, and it blew me away.’ 

‘There are so few comedians who make you laugh without ever going for the cheap shot. His jokes are funny, obviously, but they're also intelligent and carefully crafted.’ 

‘I loved this show, it was so funny.  Best thing I’ve seen [this year].’



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