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The Youth Wing
Saturday 29th April 17:45
William Andrews

Straight off the bat, I’m not as glum as my picture makes me look, I mean I get sad, we all do - but this isn’t the forum. Secondly, thanks for thinking about coming to the show. I don’t do many, but don’t let that put you off, it hasn’t me - I’m throwing everything at it. This reads like an apology, which you aren’t supposed to do in blurbs so sorry about that. It’s stand up and storytelling but a bit more visual maybe - as in i have things in my hands. Oh god , I've never been good at these. Come, do. 

‘Half cerebral, half physical, entirely hilarious’ **** The List 

‘All hail the comedians you could never clone. William Andrews’ mix of stand-up, sketches and (let’s call it) performance art bursts with ideas.’ **** The Times



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