Friday - Sunday 1-3 May 2020

George Egg

DIY Chef

DIY Chef
DIY Chef

Sunday 6th May, 2018

12:15 pm | 60 mins


Machynlleth Rugby Club


Archived show

This show is from a previous year's festival

George’s doctor has demanded he rethink his diet so he’s been banned from the kitchen and banished to the shed. But George’s unstoppable urge to keep cooking leads to inventive creations, innovative solutions and seriously tasty food.

Funny, inspiring and absurd it’s a cross-genre show as much a comedy set as an illustrated lecture. Expect power tools, gardening equipment and office supplies to be re-purposed and abused. Expect laughs. Expect to learn something new. And expect to taste the food at the end.

 ‘Brilliantly funny’ Jay Rayner in The Observer

‘The wonderfully talented George Egg is genuinely unique’ The i