Friday 3 - Sunday 5 May 2019

Michael J Dolan

Deterioration Update 2018

Deterioration Update 2018
Deterioration Update 2018

Saturday 5th May, 2018

7:15 pm | 60 mins


The Store, Owain Glyndwr Centre


Archived show

This show is from a previous year's festival

After a couple of years off I’m back, goddammit, and everything is worse than it was before, both outside in the world and inside, on my insides. The anti-psychotics they put me on are making me be VERY SICK but I reckon I need them now more than ever because holy mother of whatever’s left that is good and pure, things are so, so bad and I’m so, so scared. So a bit like Cormac McCarthy’s The Road but stand-up comedy somehow?

“The word ‘bleak’ doesn’t begin to cover it” **** The List

“Brilliantly sustained, brutally punchy” **** The Scotsman

“Skilful humour from the very dark side” **** The Sunday Times

“A powerhouse of hilarious cynicism” ****

The Skinny “Warped” **** Fest

“Shouldn’t work” **** Three Weeks