Friday 3 - Sunday 5 May 2019

Richard Gadd

Work In Progress

Work In Progress
Work In Progress

Saturday 5th May, 2018

3:45 pm | 60 mins


Y Plas Vane Tempest


Archived show

This show is from a previous year's festival

Gadd has made a small name for himself in comedy. Now he is trying theatre. Unfortunately for him, he has to try theatre at comedy festivals because nobody knows who he is anywhere else. Genuinely. Don’t expect laughs. There will be a few, but not many. It will probably be hugely testing subject matter for 3:45pm as well. Undersold enough? Good. But still come. Obviously. Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner

‘Best Show 2016’ ‘A true one off.’ ***** Daily Telegraph

‘Undeniably compelling’ **** The Guardian

‘Hysterically funny.’ ***** The Skinny

‘Frankly magnificent’ ***** Fest